The Mind, Body & Soul is a unique health centre whose vision is to help you find space to nurture yourself in a safe environment. 
Located in the heart of Colchester, MBS prides itself in delivering a variety of safe and effective procedures and treatments to leave you with a healthy peace of mind and full of confidence. 
With over 25+ years experience, our therapists, nurse practitioners and beauticians are fully qualified to the highest standard. You could not 
be in more trusted, caring hands. 
Our Emotional Care Treatments - 
Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, fear, anger, low self-confidence, addiction, or are experiencing difficulties in your relationship or at work, there is a way out of the worry and the stress. At MBS, we can help you talk about what’s bothering you, and what aspects of your life you’re finding it difficult to cope with or manage. You’ll get a private, dedicated and comfortable space to speak freely about whatever you want with one of our highly trained and experienced counsellors, and most importantly, we’ll listen attentively, and also guide you to share your story in a safe and productive way. 
You might want a little more practical help with over-whelming feelings such as anger, low mood, or to overcome trauma, or a phobia, which seems like it’ll never go away. Whatever it is, we will work with you to find a way that suits you, and consequently gets you the 
help you’re looking for. 
Our therapists are fully qualified to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of treatment in a professional, safe and relaxing environment. 
Our Injury Treatments - 
MBS is intent on providing you with a safe and pleasant method to improve your quality of life by increasing your mobility and decreasing your pain. We work with empathy and understanding to deliver the highest standard of care to all our patients. 
Your care is our priority and you will be provided with a unique personal treatment and rehabilitation program. 
Whether you are suffering from a sport related injury, or a long term mobility issue, our staff have experience in treating all ages of patients, arthritis, back and neck pain, knee conditions, postural defects, sciatica, arm and leg injuries, cervicogenic dizziness and many more varieties 
of injury. 
Our Aesthetic Treatments - 
MBS offers a wide spectrum of non-surgical treatments based on the latest advances in technologies, providing treatments for all skin types, ethnicity, genders and ages. Our nurse practitioners are professionally trained to the highest standard, and have a wealth of knowledge and 
experience within the industry, with over 25+ years of expertise, you could not be in more safer, trusted hands. 
At MBS, we appreciate that your choice to undergo an aesthetic procedure is a personal one, and for this reason we require all patients to attend a compulsory consultation before any procedure. Here we can provide you with as much information and support as needed on your journey with us. 
All aesthetic procedures require a FREE consultation, over the phone or in person. All other treatments do not supply a consultation. Contact MBS today during our opening hours or email us to book your appointment. 
Opening Hours - 
Monday - Friday: 09.00am - 22.00pm 
Saturday: 09.00am - 20.00pm 
Sunday: 10.00am - 18.00pm 
Email Us - 
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