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A fat reducing, or slimming electrotherapy treatment is a procedure that encompasses different currents and attachments to reduce fat in a less invasive way than traditional surgery, often called liposuction. Non-surgical liposuction, or lipo cavitation, cryolipolysis generally has less-to-no recovery time in comparison to surgical liposuction. 
Its most effective when targetted to small, stubborn areas that remain during or after following a suitable diet and exercise program. To be fully effective, multiple treatments may be required. 
Results can be seen around 12 weeks. If you continue with a healthy lifestyle, then results should last, and top-up sessions may not be needed. What are the benefits of fat reducing/slimming treatments? 
Results can be seen after just one session suitable on all skin types treats most parts of the body 
Less evasive fat removal than surgery with less downtime can target specific problem areas of fat body sculpting can be completed to emphasis natural curves. 
Before your treatment we as that you do the following in the 72 hours before the treatment to prepare the body for the waste elimination process. The body needs to be as clean/detoxed prior to treatment to get the best results. 
You can do this by: 
Increasing water intake and aim to drink more than 1 litre a day Cut back on toxins [i.e., Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco) 
Avoid eating a large meal prior to the treatment to avoid discomfort 
Avoid alcohol the night before your session 
Avoid drinking fizzy, carbonated drinks for 3-4 hours prior to your session 
Eat light and do NOT starve/avoid food as this will put your body into starvation mode causing you to store fat as opposed to shedding it. 
Cleanse and do a body scrub prior to the appointment to increase conductivity 
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