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What is Fat Freezing? 

Fat Freezing or cool sculpting is a non-surgical fat reducing electrotherapy treatment. Formally known as cryolipolysis, Fat Freezing is a less invasive alternative to traditional surgeries. It consists of directing cool temperatures to fat deposits on the body. 
Through this exposure to the cold, fat cells in the body are broken down and destroyed. The body naturally eliminates these dead fat cells in the weeks following the treatment, revealing a slimmer, redefined figure. 
A session of Cryolipolysis typically lasts for around 60 minutes, and a patient can have as many sessions as they’d like until they achieve their desired shape. Fat Freezing is not an alternative to diet and exercise. It is a fat reduction treatment and not a standalone weight loss plan. 
It will reduce unwanted pockets of body fat, much like liposuction, but won’t make you lose weight all over. Therefore, it is ideal for sculpting and targeting certain areas of body fat. Here at the Mind Body and Soul, we offer Fat Freezing treatments to our clients in Colchester and surrounding Essex areas. 

Which Areas of the Body Can Fat Freezing Treat? 

Specific body areas will be more suitable for Cryolipolysis fat reduction treatment than others. At the Mind Body and Soul, we will take you through which ones can be treated safely and effectively. As stubborn fat can easily accumulate on the stomach or abdomen, this is generally a popular treatment area. However, Fat Freezing is a body sculpting treatment and can be applied to multiple areas, such as: 
• Upper Arms • Upper and Lower Back 
• Buttocks • Calves / Knees 
• Hips (Waist, Pelvic Crests) • The Male Chest  
• Upper and Lower Stomach • The Thighs (Inner and Outer). 

How Does Fat Freezing work? 

Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold temperatures than other cells. Because of this, the cold temperatures used during cryolipolysis help destroy stubborn areas of fat without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. 
After treatment, the dead fat cells are metabolised by your liver and removed naturally like all other waste products. 

What to expect at your Fat Freezing treatment? 

Initial Consultation: 

Your initial consultation with the Mind Body and Soul is designed for you to learn more about Fat Freezing and for our practitioner to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. 
We will discuss your treatment area, goals, and how to achieve the best possible result for you. Our experts will talk you through the Fat Freezing procedure and happily answer any questions you have. 
If you feel the procedure is right for you at the end of your consultation, we will put together a bespoke treatment plan. 
Seventy-two hours before your first Fat Freezing treatment, we ask that you take some to prepare the body for the fat elimination process. The achieve the best results, the body needs to be as clean/detoxed a possible before treatment. To do this, we recommend that you: 
Increase your water intake, aiming to drink more than 1 litre per day. 
Reduce your intake of toxins by avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. 
Avoid eating a large meal before the treatment to help prevent any discomfort. 
Avoid alcohol the night before treatment. 
Avoid drinking fizzy, carbonated drinks for 3-4 hours before your session. 
Before Fat Freezing, eat light meals and do not avoid food altogether. Skipping meals before your treatment will trigger the body’s natural response to intense hunger by storing fat rather than shedding it. 
You can prep your treatment area before an appointment by cleansing and using a body scrub to increase conductivity. 

During Your Fat Freezing Treatment: 

During your Fat Freezing procedure, one of our expert practitioners will apply a gel pad to your treatment area to protect the skin. An applicator will then be used to apply vacuum pressure to the target site. The applicator pulls the fat into its cooling panels, where you’ll feel a slight tightening and cold sensation. 
This non-invasive treatment is pain-free and requires minimal downtime. Depending on the volume of areas covered, a typical treatment can take up to 1 hour. 

After Your Fat Freezing Treatment: 

After your procedure, you may experience slight redness, tenderness or tingling in the treated area. However, this will pass within a matter of days. 
Fat Freezing is most effective when targeted to small, stubborn areas that remain during or after a suitable diet and exercise program. Noticeable and lasting results can be seen after just one session, and if you continue with a healthy lifestyle, these results should last. 
If you are looking for a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that’s virtually pain free and has little to no downtime. Contact us as the Mind Body and Soul. We offer cryolipolysis Fat Freezing at our Colchester clinic. 
To find out more, please call us on 01 206 767 670 or book online. 
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