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Teenage Counselling Services Colchester 

Counselling with teenagers is to work holistically and acknowledge the importance of the young person - on a mind, body, soul and emotional level. Our work is to promote healing, self-understanding and personal growth. 
We offer 1:1 short and long term counselling/therapeutic work, which will be tailored to your individual needs. 
It can be tough being a teenager in today's society. Not only do they have to deal with normal teenage issues... the psychological and biological changes, but the temptations and choices and decisions they may have to face are vast and can be overwhelming. 
As a teenager... Unexpected life events can suddenly happen which you don't understand and you may find difficult to cope with. 
This may lead to overwhelming feelings that you find difficult to understand or control and cannot make sense of, leaving you feeling lost, confused and that no one understands you. At other times nothing much may have changed in your life but you just feel out of sorts - for no real reason. 
For parents... This is a difficult and worrying time for you, to see your son/daughter go through this stage, wanting to help but feeling unable to reach them. 
You may see them stressed, depressed, acting out, or see their behaviour change; developing eating disorders, or become more aggressive or withdrawn as they try and manage their emotions. 
To discuss and book in with us please phone or email so we can direct you to the right service: 
T: 01206 767 670 E: info@themindbodysoul.co.uk 


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