How Can the Allergy-Immunology Doctor Help Me? 
Your immune system is one of the most important regulators of your health. 
We help people optimise their immune function by determining how and why allergy and autoimmunity occur, and addressing the root cause of disease in a personalised way. 
Perhaps you don’t have a diagnosis, but you are concerned about symptoms that alter your quality of life. Or, are you concerned about an odd constellation of symptoms that doctor can’t seem to figure out? 
If you feel something just isn’t right in your body, it is not all in your head, no matter what others believe. 
Take our quiz to check if your unexplained symptoms might be caused by an immune imbalance: 
What if you can do more for your health and well-being than just waiting for the next prescription? 
We offer free discovery calls which can be booked here: 
Get In Touch With Us Today! 
The Allergy-Immunology Doctor is probably the only UK Functional Medicine practice led by a conventionally trained Allergy and Clinical Immunology specialist doctor, with further Master of Science degree in Personalised Nutrition and advanced immune training with the Institute for Functional Medicine. 
We are CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated, and we strive for excellence in everything we do. 
The Allergy-Immunology Doctor is an online-only medical practice, offering appointments to adult patients (over 18 years of age), with allergic or autoimmune conditions. Due to insurance requirements, our patients need to be UK residents. 
We offer a promotional discount of 10% on our health packages to patients who are MBS clients. Please redeem code MBS10. 
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