What is Cavitation Ultrasound? 

Cavitation Ultrasound is a non-surgical fat/cellulite reduction treatment. The procedure is pain-free, non-invasive, and has little to no recovery time. During a treatment, ultrasonic or ultrasound technology is directed to localised areas of fat on the body. 
Cavitation Ultrasound works using ultrasound vibrations. These vibrations break down and shrink fat cells without harming surrounding tissue. Once destroyed, the contents of these fat cells are naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system. 
A session of Cavitation Ultrasound typically lasts between 30-90 minutes. However, this can depend on the volume of the treatment area. 
Our Cavitation procedure is most effective for treating larger areas of fat rather than smaller concentrations which are typically more receptive to our Fat Freezing Treatment. This makes Cavitation Ultrasound the ideal option for sculpting and reforming the body's contours. 
Here at the Mind Body and Soul, we offer specialist Ultrasound Cavitation to our clients in Colchester and surrounding Essex areas. 

Does Cavitation Ultrasound Work? 

Cavitation treatments rely on ultrasound technology to break down fat cells. During treatment, ultrasound waves are sent deep below the skin's surface, resulting in disruptive vibrations. Because of this, the vibrations create a high pressure that causes the fat cells to break down gradually. 
In the weeks following a treatment, the destroyed fat cells are absorbed by the body lymphatic system and drained as waste. Cavitation Ultrasound is not an alternative to diet and exercise but is highly effective when used in conjunction with it. 

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Cavitation Ultrasound? 

Certain areas of the body will be more receptive to Cavitation Ultrasound than others. Cavitation treatments will work best where there 
are larger concentrations of localised fat. As stubborn fat can easily accumulate on the stomach or abdomen, this is generally a popular 
treatment area. However, Cavitation Ultrasound can be applied to multiple areas, such as: 
The buttocks 
Lower back and sides 
It is important to note that this procedure cannot be performed on the head, neck, and bony areas of the body. 

What To Expect At Your Cavitation Ultrasound Treatment? 

Initial Consultation: 

Your initial consultation with the Mind Body and Soul is designed for you to learn more about Cavitation Ultrasound. It will also allow our 
practitioners to assess your treatment area and confirm if you are a suitable candidate. 
Following this, we will discuss your goals and how we can achieve the best possible result for you. Our experts will talk you through the 
Cavitation Ultrasound procedure and happily answer any questions you have. 
If you feel the procedure is right for you at the end of your consultation, we will put together a bespoke treatment plan. 
Seventy-two hours before your first treatment, we ask that you take some to prepare the body for the fat elimination process. To do this, 
please refrain from drinking alcohol before your procedure. We also recommend drinking a litre of water daily, starting three days before 
your treatment. 

During Your Cavitation Ultrasound Treatment: 

During your Cavitation Ultrasound treatment, our expert practitioner will position you comfortably on the treatment couch and apply an 
ultrasound gel to your treatment area. 
We will firmly work the treatment area with a massaging movement using the cavitation device. This enables the ultrasonic waves to 
target fat cells deep below the skin. This process will continue until the whole area is covered. 
This non-invasive treatment is pain-free and requires minimal downtime. Depending on the volume of areas covered, a typical treatment 
can take between 30-90 minutes. 

After Your Cavitation Ultrasound Treatment: 

Cavitation treatments are considered low-risk for most people. However, you may experience slight redness, tenderness, and mild bruising 
after your procedure. This is completely normal and will usually pass within a matter of days. 
In some cases, the skin may not absorb the fat evenly after it has broken down. When this happens, lumps, bumps, or valleys may appear on 
the surface of the skin. These can be easily treated with a follow-up session. 
Most Cavitation Ultrasound clients will see results within 6 to 12 weeks of their initial treatment. With cavitation, you have the option to schedule 
one or multiple sessions to achieve your desired shape. 
Results of this treatment are permanent, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise. If you have an inactive lifestyle, fat deposits may 
return to areas that have been treated. 
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