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SMOKING & ADDICTIONS If you smoke, you don’t need us to tell you how bad it is for your health, your pocket and your popularity. If you’re addicted to food or sex, you’ll know that it will eat away your quality of life and sense of fulfilment.   

Addiction to other substances, including alcohol, heroin, cocaine, cannabis (including skunk) or other drugs can have even more devastating effects on your physical well-being, mental health and ability to function at home, at work or in the outside world. 
You can beat these addictions with the aid of hypnotherapy from The Mind, Body & Soul. We can help you deal with the emotional and psychological barriers caused by your addiction, and then to overcome them. 
So whether you want to stub out your last cigarette, or tackle a deeper problem, get in touch with The Mind, Body & Soul. 
We can help you to give up smoking in one 75 minute session (95% success rate), although other addictions may take a number of repeat visits to one of our private, confidential centres. 
We can help you to beat addictions to the following, and more: caffeine, chocolate, computers, drugs, exercise, food, gambling, pornography, sex and shopping. 
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