What are Thread Veins? 

Thread veins are small blood vessels just below the surface of your skin. They're caused by increased pressure in your circulatory system—usually because of things like being overweight or having a condition like hypertension (high blood pressure). 
They're usually not serious and don't cause any pain or other symptoms, but they can be unsightly and make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, Thread veins are removed using 2 methods and our clinicians will decide based on the size. laser to destroy the lining of the vein so it can't carry blood anymore. This process is quick and doesn't require any stitches afterward 
How Does Removing Thread Veins Work? 
Thread veins are removed through sclerotherapy. It is a series of small injections that usually don't even hurt. The chemical used causes the vein to be sticky, until they stop working and eventually close up. At first they may look like bruises and later they will just disappear. For larger veins or ones that won't go away, laser removal may be recommended by our clinicians instead. This procedure doesn't require any anesthesia since it's completely non-surgical; it only requires one round of treatment where laser energy targets the painful spider veins which then overheat due to photothermolysis. Once this happens, the body starts doing its own job (breaking down those pesky branches) so you can start feeling better again in no time at all 

   What Are The Benefits Of Removing Thread Veins? 

Varicose veins are twisted and bulging veins that usually appear on people’s legs. They can be painful and some people also experience aching and itching in the legs, cramps, and swollen feet and ankles. 
Removal treatment using modern techniques can be a simple and highly effective procedure. By removing the vein, the uncomfortable symptoms should significantly reduce. And given that the newest treatments require minimal incisions and injections, most patients experience little to no scarring, bruising or pain after the procedure. 

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Thread Vein Treatment Cost 
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