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Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that enables you to change your mental and emotional outlook as well as certain behaviours. Regression hypnotheraphy, in which we specialise, also helps you to remember the past roots or certain problems. Hypnosis is also a valuble method of helping you to become empowered and self-motivated. 
You remain in control at all times and feel beautifully relaxed. We can treat problems such as smoking in a single session, whilst other conditions such as phobias may require up to 3 or 4 repeat visits. 
We can treat some problems — such as smoking — in a single session, whilst other conditions (particularly phobias) may require up to 3 or 4 repeat visits.  
Whatever you want to achieve, we always keep the sessions to an absolute minimum and tell you how many are likely to be required at the outset. If we feel you would best benefit from a combination of hypnotherapy and counselling, or counselling alone, we will also tell you at the earliest possible opportunity. 
Below are just some of the topics that our fully trained hypnotherapists can treat at private centres in the Colchester area. Follow the links to find our more, or get in touch to book a confidential appointment today. 
We can also address the following using hypnotherapy techniques. 
Please contact us to learn more. 
Academic achievement, including 
Exam fears 
Anger management 
Sexual problems 
There are many other conditions that benefit from hypnotherapy and person-centred counselling. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch for confidential advice. 
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