What is SHR Laser Hair Removal? 

SHR (Super Hair Removal) is the latest cutting-edge technology in permanent hair removal. SHR Lasers effectively treat all hair types and skin tones from thick to fine and light to dark. Unlike traditional IPL laser devices, SHR Laser Hair Removal delivers virtually pain-free treatments and lasting results. 
SHR Laser Hair removal directs controlled amounts of heat and energy to the skin. During this process, the hair follicle is destroyed without damage to the surrounding skin, preventing any future regrowth. SHR Laser Hair Removal is available as a standalone treatment or as part of a course and can remove hair from the face and body. 
With the Mind Body and Soul, you can say goodbye to the time, inconvenience, and irritation of shaving and waxing. SHR Laser Hair Removal treatments are available at our Colchester clinic so that you can enjoy all the benefits of permanently smooth, silky, and stubble-free skin. 
SHR Super Hair Removal SHR Super Hair Removal

How Does SHR Laser Hair Removal work? 

SHR Laser Hair Removal works by delivering heat energy to active hair follicles. This energy penetrates the epidermis and is absorbed by the melanin (pigment) in the hair shaft. When absorbed, this laser energy is converted into heat which destroys the follicle and prevents regrowth. 
The main concept behind SHR lasers is the continuous delivery of energy to a treatment area. During traditional IPL hair removal, each follicle is individually targeted with a high-powered beam of pulsed light, which can be painful. 
Alternatively, our SHR lasers use lower energy levels, allowing for repeated treatment of one area. This process achieves maximum results with virtually no pain. SHR Laser Hair removal heats the skin across an entire treatment area to a point where hair follicles are permanently destroyed. The use of in-built cooling within the SHR laser device also helps to protect against burns and reduce irritation. 
SHR Super Hair Removal

What To Expect At Your SHR Laser Hair Removal Treatment? 

Initial Consultation 

Your initial consultation is designed to for you learn more about SHR Laser Hair Removal and for our practitioner to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. 
We will discuss your treatment area, goals, and how to achieve the best possible result for you. Our experts will talk you through the SHR Laser Hair Removal procedure and happily answer any questions you have. 
If you feel the procedure is right for you at the end of your consultation, we will create a bespoke treatment plan. A patch test is required at least 24 hours before your first session to ensure that you react well to the laser. 
Before your first treatment, we recommend the following: 
Please shave the treatment area 12-24 hours before a laser session 
Avoid any other type of hair removal, e.g. plucking or waxing 4 weeks before treatment 
Depilatory creams should also be avoided 
Avoid sun exposure in the area in the 3 days before treatment 
Please do not use tanning creams in the 2 weeks before treatment 
It is recommended to finish any course of antibiotics 2 weeks before treatment 
Medication for cold sores should not be taken in the 5 days before or after treatment 
Essential oils should not be used 48 hours before treatment 

During Treatment 

During your SHR Laser Hair Removal treatment, we will begin by cleaning the skin and providing you with protective eyewear. You will be required to wear this during the entire treatment process to prevent damage to your eyes. 
A cooling gel is applied to the treatment area, which allows the laser applicator to glide across the skin. During the treatment, different energy levels are applied by your therapist, depending on the treatment area. 
Your therapist will regularly check your sensation levels to ensure a comfortable and pain-free procedure. Once the treatment is finished, the gel is then cleaned from the skin. 

After Treatment 

After your SHR Laser Hair Removal treatment is complete, it is important that you follow the aftercare advice provided by your therapist. 
It is common to experience minor redness 48 hours after treatment. However, this is usually short-lived. After the treatment, you may leave with visible hair growth. However, the hairs will start to fall out around 1-2 weeks after your session. To encourage the hair to shed, you can shave or exfoliate the treatment area, but you must wait at least 4 days after treatment before doing so. 
For 24-48 hours after SHR Laser Hair Removal Treatment, do not take hot showers or baths, exercise, or apply makeup, soap, retinols, and scented products to the treated area. 
For 30 days post-treatment, we advise that you avoid UV exposure and always wear SPF. 
The number of treatments required for full hair removal varies from person to person. As your hair grows in 3 stages. Laser hair removal treatments will only work in the stage where the hair is actively growing. By having multiple sessions spread out over time, the chance of permanent hair removal during this stage is greatly increased. 
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