How do I know if I have ear wax build-up? 
Difficulty hearing 
A feeling of fullness in the ear 
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) 
Discomfort in the ear (earache). 
Get a healthcare professional to examine your ears to confirm whether you have ear wax build-up. 
How much does ear wax removal cost? 
Our prices start from £70, for both ears. This includes the following: 
Photos and video images of both ears pre- and post-treatment can be sent to your GP, on request. 
After successfully removing your ear wax, we’ll send a letter to your GP to be kept with your records. 
If we find anything unusual in your ears, we have direct access to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) advice panel – within 72 hours of your appointment – at no extra cost to you. 
We’ll give you a short hearing screening after removing your ear wax, to check how well you can hear. 
And if we don’t find any ear wax, we’ll give you a partial refund. 

Contact Us 

T: 01206 767 670 

5 steps to better hearing 

1. Know what the signs of hearing loss are 

2. Book your free hearing test at your local clinic 

3. Select a hearing aid and try for 60 risk-free days 

4. Learn about different payment and protection plans 

5. Hear well and live well. Receive free, unlimited aftercare 

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