Skin cycling is everywhere – even Oprah is talking about it says Jade, but what’s it all about? 
Dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe came up with the term saying “People love their powerhouse products–like exfoliants and retinoids–and often believe more must be better. However, their skin often tells a different story when they come into the office with irritation and inflammation.” She gave it the name ‘skin cycling’ and it’s gone viral since she shared her ideas on TikTok and Instagram. 
Cycling your way to great skin 
Put simply, skin cycling maximises the benefits of skincare products while also giving your skin enough time to recover between use. 
We’ve always been careful to warn our clients against overuse of powerful but highly effective products such as exfoliants and retinoids explains Jade. They offer amazing results but we advise coming in for a free consultation to find out which ones will suit your skin type and how best to use them. 
So how does skin cycling work? 
Skin cycling is a simple night-time skincare routine that’s easy to follow. The basic idea is to carry on using your favourite skincare products but without overdoing it. Overuse can cause unwelcome and unhealthy skin reactions such as dryness, sensitivity, breakouts, irritation and inflammation. 
“Skin cycling gives the skin barrier (the crucial outermost layer of our skin) time to rest and recover between treatments” advises Lauren. 
Call now 01206 767 670 for a post-Christmas complimentary consultation to find out more about the benefits of skin cycling – especially if you’ve already experienced problems after using a skincare product. 
Get in the skin cycling habit 
Lauren looks at a typical skin cycling routine over four nights: 
Night one: Exfoliate. 
Night two: Use a retinoid product. 
Nights three and four: Recovery with use of hydrating and moisturising products. 
She adds, ‘recovery nights’ also have the added benefit of allowing you to judge if any of the products you use on nights one and two are reacting badly on your skin. 
Meanwhile, your morning routine can stay the same. Ask us for advice on which products will be best for your morning skincare, including cleansers, vitamin C serums, skin barrier protection and sunscreen. 
One size won’t fit all 
The four-night rotation won’t suit everyone, of course. But the beauty of skin cycling is that it can be adapted to suit your individual skin type, minimising the risk of skin damage and resulting in a truly healthy glow. 
Book your free consultation today 
Plan ahead to give your skin a post-Christmas boost and kickstart your New Year beauty resolutions. Book your complimentary consultation now to discover the best products and treatments for your skin type and lifestyle and how to incorporate skin cycling into your skincare regime. 
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