The Mind, Body & Soul offers state of the art Tanning, with both Lay Down and 
Stand Up tanning options available! 
You can use our sunbeds between 
SUNDAY - 10AM - 4PM 

Sunbeds Colchester 

If you can’t make it to the beach, a few minutes in the tanning bed are all you need for flawless, sun-kissed skin. 
Keep that summer tan all year round, with a wide range of courses available as well as the top tanning accelerators and creams to help you reach your desired look! 
First, you and your therapist discuss the appropriate length of treatment. 
Then you undress, put on protective eyewear and position yourself in the tanning bed. 
Your therapist then turns on the tanning bed. 
After your treatment, you and your therapist discuss the need for any follow-up treatments or a self-care plan. 
A quick trip to the tanning bed is all you need to give your skin that bronzed, beach-day look. 
Your therapist at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester will talk you through the benefits and answer any questions you may have. 
Book an appointment that is quick and convenient in Colchester with hassle free parking. 
☀️Built in bluetooth speaker 
☀️Optional Face Tanning 
☀️Face Cooling Technology 
☀️Intense Body Cooling Fans 
☀️Music Channels 
☀️Stand up and Lay Down 
Below you can find a list of the available Sessions and Courses at Mind Body and Soul Colchester: 
5 Minutes 
7 Minutes 
10 Minutes 
12 Minutes 
15 Minutes 
17 Minutes 
30 Minutes 
60 Minutes 
130 Minutes 

How To Improve Your Sun Tan 

If you're looking to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow, we recommend using Australian Gold Sunbed Cream. This powerful tanning formula is designed to help you achieve a deeper, longer-lasting tan when used in combination with a sunbed. 
One of the key benefits of using Australian Gold Sunbed Cream is that it contains a blend of nourishing ingredients that help to moisturize and protect the skin. The cream is enriched with vitamins and minerals that help to nourish and condition the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. 
In addition to its skin-loving ingredients, Australian Gold Sunbed Cream is also formulated with a special blend of tanning agents that help to accelerate the tanning process. This means that you can achieve a beautiful, natural-looking tan in less time, without the need for prolonged sun exposure. 
So why wait to get the beautiful, sun-kissed glow you deserve? Try Australian Gold Sunbed Cream today and see the difference it can make in your tanning routine. Your skin will thank you! 

3 Minutes On A Sunbed Is Equivalent To... 

Are you wondering how long you should spend on a sunbed in order to achieve a tan that is equivalent to suntanning on a beach? The answer is that 3 minutes on a sunbed is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of suntanning on a beach. 
This calculation is based on the fact that sunbeds use artificial UV light to tan the skin, and the intensity of this light is much stronger than the UV rays from the sun. As a result, it takes less time to achieve the same level of tanning on a sunbed as it does on a beach. 
If you do decide to use a sunbed, it's a good idea to start with shorter sessions and gradually increase the length of your tanning sessions as your skin becomes more accustomed to the UV light. This will help you to avoid overexposure and reduce the risk of skin damage. 
If your ready to try a sunbed At The Mind Body & Soul, Colchester then feel free to walk in or book an appointment! 

Why Use Sunbeds Over Sun Tanning  

If you're trying to decide between sun tanning naturally and using a sunbed to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow, there are a few key factors to consider. 
One of the main benefits of using a sunbed is that it allows you to achieve a tan in a controlled, indoor environment. This means that you can avoid the risks associated with sun exposure, such as skin damage, sunburn, and premature aging. Sunbeds also allow you to achieve a tan more quickly than you would by sun tanning naturally, as the UV light used in sunbeds is more intense than the sun's rays. 
Another advantage of sunbeds is that they offer a more consistent tanning experience. When you sun tan naturally, the intensity of the sun's rays can vary depending on a number of factors, including the time of day, the weather, and your location. Sunbeds, on the other hand, offer a consistent level of UV light, which means that you can achieve a more even, predictable tan. 
Finally, sunbeds offer a range of customization options, allowing you to choose the intensity and duration of your tanning session to suit your individual needs and preferences. This means that you can tailor your tanning experience to achieve the perfect glow for your skin tone and lifestyle. 
Overall, sunbeds offer a convenient, controlled, and customizable way to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. So if you're looking to add a touch of sunshine to your life, book an appointment now or walk-in to The Mind Body & Soul, Colchester. 

The Best Tan Accelerator For Sunbeds UK 

A lot of people ask what is the best tan accelerator for improving your tan after using sunbeds, here at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester we have a comprehensive guide for the best Tan Accelerators to suit your desired tanning goals and skin type. 
Here are our top picks! 
Building a Base Tan: 
Australian Gold Accelerator 
Accelerator has been a #1 tanning lotion and one of the top-selling lotions in the entire tanning industry for over 30 years now, This lightweight lotion is ideal for those looking to build a natural golden glow, either on a sunbed or outdoors whilst sunbathing, thanks to its luxurious skincare and added natural colour boosters. 
Here's a list of the active ingredients that help promote beautiful bronze skin! 
Signature Biosine Complex®: An advanced combination of Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Panthenol. These soothe, soften and moisturise skin, allowing your natural pigmentation process to tan you faster and darker. 
Native Australian Oils: These condition skin for a gorgeous glow and ensure this lotion absorbs quickly into the skin. 
Tea Tree Oil: A natural antibacterial which works to prevent after-tan odours from occurring. This leaves you feeling and smelling fresh after you tanning session. 
Vitamin A: Helps to neutralise free radicals for an anti-ageing boost. 
Vitamin E: Works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This also softens skin and moisturises from within for a longer-lasting tan. 
Fragrance: Classic CocoaDreams - like a holiday in a bottle! 
250ml bottle 
This product is currently unavailable
Increasing The Glow 
Australian Gold Party Animal 
A bestselling Intensifier, designed to enhance your natural tan development. This promises deep hydration, tattoo care and a powder matte finish that fills in fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance. 
Here's a list of the active ingredients that help promote beautiful bronze skin! 
Intensifying ingredients: A specially blended Intensifier which uses Tyrosine and Coconut Oil as colour boosters to enhance your natural colour. 
Native Australian Desert Plant Extracts: Desert Lime and Quandong nourish and soothe skin. This blend is rich in antioxidants which help to regenerate skin and protect against oxidative stress for a youthful appearance. 
ColorGuard™ Plus Tattoo Technology: Creates a moisture-seal blend to prevent tattoos from fading. 
Natural oils: Rejuvenate skin, lock in moisture for longer-lasting results and work to combat odours for a fresh fragrance. 
Finishing Primer: Starch polymer leaves skin silky soft to even skin tone and provide users with a powder-matte finish. This also fills in fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion. 
Tea Tree Oil: A pure essential oil, known to have natural odour fighting properties, which help prevent after tan odour from developing. 
250ml bottle 
Fragrance: Wild Berries and Lavender fragrance is the same as Hemp Nation Wild Berries and Lavender Tan Extender 
Tanning tip: Tanning lotions with Tattoo Technology are also great for those with dry skin as this technology is deeply hydrating. 
We love: The great spreadability, rapid absorption and deeply hydrating properties 
Make a Bold Statement 
Australian Gold Deviously Black 
One of our most powerful bronzing lotions, ideal for those looking to boost their tan quickly! This has been a bestseller for over five years! 
Here's a list of the active ingredients that help promote beautiful bronze skin! 
45X Dark Bronzers: A blend of Natural Bronzers, Black Walnut Shell and Fennel Seed Extract, and Melanin, deliver an immediate hit of colour. DHA provides a longer, delayed golden tan for intense colour that lasts for days. 
Twisted Skincare Cocktail: Absinthe Extract and a combination of natural Oils purify, heal and nourish deeply for soft skin. 
Hemp Seed Oil: Conditions and moisturises for a youthful complexion. 
Aloe Vera: Powerful healing, moisturising and soothing properties to help extend the life of your tan and improve future results. 
Shea Butter: A skin-smoothing ingredient, ideal for dry and sensitive skin to smooth and restore. 
Tea Tree Oil: Ensures you feel fresh after your tanning session. This combats after-tanning odours, and fragrance lasts long after your tanning session. 
Fragrance: Mesmerising Oasis is unisex and fruity 
250ml bottle 
Top Tip: We advise this to be used by tanners who have already built a base tan or those with a naturally darker skin tone due to the high level of bronzers which could initially be too deep for those with very pale skin. 
This product is currently unavailable
Embrace The Bronze 
Hot! Hybrid 
For those who love Hot!, get ready for this enhanced formula, designed to be used in a red-light, or hybrid sunbeds to encourage collagen and elastin stimulation. 
Here's a list of the active ingredients that help promote beautiful bronze skin! 
Aloe Vera base: An industry exclusive concentrated Aloe Vera Gel helps to heal, soothe and moisturise for healthy, smooth skin. Our unique aloe blend contains more than 200 amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes which care for your skin. 
Red light collagen-boosting peptides: A red light collagen boost uses superior skincare and colour boosters to promote collagen and elastin production which help to improve overall smoothness of skin when used with red light therapy. 
Maximum Tanning Energy®: Enhances skin's ability to retain moisture for longer and promote a darker, longer-lasting colour. 
Dark Tanning Omega Oils: Derived from Macadamia, Kukui Seed, Olive and Tea Tree to provide sensational skin-caring vitamins which help to condition and moisturise skin for a gorgeous glow. 
Sensational Skincare: Liposomes, Vitamins and Amino Acids combine to deliver moisture to the skin for deeper, darker colour and a bronzed radiance. 
Australian Tea Tree Oil: A natural antibacterial which works to prevent after-tan odours from occurring. This leaves you feeling and smelling fresh after you tanning session. 
Fragrance: Classic Cocoa Dreams 
250ml bottle 
Tanning tip: Red light beds will affect the results of this lotion differently to a classic UV bed (blue lamps) or a hybrid bed (red / pink lamps and blue lamps). A hybrid bed will offer you both the red light collagen as well as the gorgeous tanning results of a UV sunbed. 
We love: That this is a twist on one of our classic bestsellers. 

Tanning Creams can help accelerators let your tan, Get the most from your sunbed experience, while helping keep skin moisturised and smooth.

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