Men’s grooming is on our radar this month with Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week in June. Find out more about male grooming and how to get ready for summer in our latest blog post. 
Top to toe tips for male grooming – from facials to feet 
There’s a bit of a man thing going on in June! 
Both Father’s Day (19 June) and Men’s Health Week (13-19 June) are coming up, plus the summer holiday season has suddenly arrived and after months of covering up you’ll want to look your best for the beach too. 
So this month we’re taking a close look at male grooming. Read on for The Mind Body & Soul’s top tips. 
Let’s face it… 
Men’s skin is completely different to women’s. It’s thicker, hairier and produces more oil. That’s why men benefit from a skincare routine that’s tailored for male skin. A regular facial will keep your skin looking healthy and will help to fight premature ageing. Pop in to ask our advice about what’s best for you as we always tailor our skincare to suit individual skin types and needs. 
Don’t forget: 
Wear sun protection (SPF 30+) every day to protect your skin against damaging and ageing UV rays. 
Make sure you have the right skincare products – always use the specific range that will suit your particular skin type. 
We can’t overstate the importance of moisturising – especially after washing your face or shaving. We’ve got a wide range of products and we’ll be happy to talk them through with you. 
And if you want to ‘fake the bake’ before jetting off to the sun, book a professional tanning treatment for an instant, natural looking man tan – perfect for those first days poolside. 
Scruffy, badly cut toenails, dry skin and cracked heels will really let down your summer look – especially if you’re a slides fan or are headed for the beach. 
Why not book in for a professional pedicure to make sure your feet and nails are in tip-top condition. Did you know we also offer manicures for men too? 
By the way – don’t forget that bare feet burn! When you’re out in the sun, always protect them (and the rest of your skin) with a 30+ SPF cream. 
Ditch the itchy stubble for good 
If you’ve ever tried some DIY manscaping in the shower with a razor, you’ll know all about the unpleasant itching and stubble that follow soon after. 
The simpler and far better solution is waxing. It’s a fast, precise and relatively pain-free way to get rid of unwanted hair and will give you a smooth finish for six to eight weeks. It’s ideal for body hair on the chest and back as well as smaller areas such as monobrows. 
The Mind Body & Soul advises, “If you’re planning on soaking up some sun, come in for your waxing appointment at least three days before to avoid irritating your skin.” 
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Not sure where to start? Pop in or give us a call to find out which male grooming treatments and products will suit you best and ensure you’re set up for the summer. Or browse our online shop. 
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