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Are we really going into another Colchester, Wave 2 Lockdown? Our emotions must feel like a a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings! How we can help ourselves ? read on  
During Autumn with the combination of Autumn days, the wind and rain we love to snuggle up, with the fire on or central heating. We revel in being at home, cosy, and we made that choice! Autumn 2020 has brought a new meaning, 'Being told to stay at home' this throws our freedom of choice as humans into turmoil, particulary as adults although, we all know its for the greater good and protection of our loved ones, friends, aaquentances, and humanity, This does not stop us from feeling threatened, fearful, anxious, suffocated, negative, anger, tention, stress building up inside which causes internal conflict. We know we are all in this together not just UK but Worldwide. Everybody on the Planet! 
As humans we find ourselves questioning our internal thoughts and feelings from one moment to another. There are several ways which may help you through this Crisis which we would like to share. We know this is a pandemic an it will pass! but some guidence, any may help you our community. 
Self help 
Enjoy each moment, stop looking, thinkng ahead  
Find a nice relaxing place, either meditate, listen to music, read. Turn off phone 
Talk to your family friends, zoom, facetime  
Write all your thoughts and feelings down 
MBS Have counsellors who you can book on line or call 01206 767670 
Give time to time 
Clear out cupboards 
Use this time to study. 
Play games with family  
If you would like to book an appointment please contact us: 01206 767670 or  
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