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We have seen a huge surge for "counselling and Hypnotherapy". Please Do Not Suffer Alone! We are here to help. 
Over the past few months we have seen non-stop media coverage about the coronavirus, we understand that this is a hard time for everyone, and having a massive issue with our Mental health which can affect anyone, at any time. This can be a lonely place and hard to avoid. 
Domestic abuse has also be on the rise as people have been isolated in their home, How do we clarify the meaning? This can be verbal or physical where one person can feel intimidated, assaulted, hurt, fear, anxiety, controlled, Manipulated, & suffocated in their own home thus believing there may not be a way out!! If you feel this is you then the Mind, Body and Soul are here to help. Our highly trained therapist and counsellors are always “hear” to listen to you. 
Living with a Phobia and aniexty can also add to feeling low and add to already difficult times, our fully qualified hypnotheapist can help. Sheree has over 16 years of experience as a qualified Counsellor and Hypnotheapist she trained with Essex University and Mr John Butler  
Sheree specialises in Phobias, Habits, Fears, addictions, confidence, Body Image, Business confidence, Public Speaking, Anger, Blood tests, flying, Hypnobirthing, Child Birth, Weight loss, and many more. 
Call 01206 767670 Email or Book on Line  
If you are feeling overwhelmed try following these simple tips that might help you through the day! 
Turn off the notifications on your phone 
Distract yourself with a new hobby (like cooking, gardening or just take walk) 
Make sure you are Eat & Sleep Well 
Take 3 deep breath 
If you would like to book a virtual appointment please contact us: 
If your are in urgent need of guidance and support please contact the other services that are available: 
Tel: 116 123 
Tel: 0808 2000 247 
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