Specialising in Injectable Wrinkle Reduction & Dermal Fillers. 

At the forefront of advanced beauty, offering an affordable range of some of the most sophisticated non-surgical, anti-ageing products and treatments available on the market today. 
You'll meet with one of our specialists (an advanced aesthetic nurse) who will help decide what is the right treatment for you. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment. Your specialist will explain how the treatment works, for the area that you wish to have treated, and will ask you questions about your medical history. 
After your consultation, you can choose to have your first treatment on the same day, or at a later date.. 

Rewind the Clock with Injectable Wrinkle Reduction and other anti-aging treatments 

*By choosing to book with MBS, a patient can be GUARANTEED a fully professional consultation and procedure and the promise that ALL our products are of the very highest prescription quality. We pride ourselves on our superior service to all who seek our assistance in any of the procedures we offer.* 

Anti Wrinkle Injections 

Anti-wrinkle injections are the best non-surgical choice for smoothing out upper, middle and lower face wrinkles and fine lines. When you get wrinkle injections, the muscles in your skin relax. This helps them soften and create the appearance smoother looking skin. 
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