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Pregnancy and paediatric focused chiropractic care... 

Pregnancy and paediatric focused chiropractic care is safe, gentle and effective. Chiro-practic adjustments restore flexibility and ease within the spine and pelvis for pregnant and non-pregnant people alike; and with a holistic approach, the benefits reach much further than just pain relief. 
We offer regular chiropractic care and a lifestyle that supports healing, growth & devel-opment from birth. Our focus is caring for women throughout pregnancy into the postnatal period, also babies and children. That said we are trained to work from birth right through to the later years of life. 
Chiropractic for babies is extremely gentle, and (thankfully!) nothing like most people im-agine. Our techniques use only the lightest touch, similar to the pressure you can use on your eyeball. 
We’re no strangers to children’s worries and fears either, so let’s put your mind at rest. First off, there’s the hundreds of hours of paediatric chiropractic seminars that have taught us a thing or two about working with kids. Second of all, we’re not white coats and clinical. We’ve got Disney soundtracks, colouring pages, and epic dance offs. We also adjust cuddly toys for free! 
We always focus on the good, so your kids will only hear what they’re doing well. So let’s work together to build them up! 
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