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The Mind Body & Soul Colchester welcomes you in to a relaxed, clean space for your treatment to take place. 
Pain free and fastest hair removal system using cutting edge technology.  
Your chosen area will be prepped and Patch test is required at least 24hrs before treatment.  
Your therapist at The Mind Body & Soul Colchester will talk you through the benefits and answer any questions you may have. 
No Need for Waxing Eliminate the need for waxing and shaving. For many, this regular chore takes time and energy.  
No More Shaving! No more shaving rash and no more ingrown hairs! 
Body Waxing Colchester
There are a few things we recommend before and after treatment which will help things to go smoothly: 
Shave the area 2-12 hours prior to the treatment 
Avoid any other type of hair removal e.g. plucking or waxing 4 weeks prior to treatment. 
Depilatory creams should also be avoided 
Avoid sun exposure in the area in the 3 days prior to treatment. 
Please do not using tanning creams 2 weeks before treatment. 
It's recommended to finish any course of antibiotics 2 weeks before treatment 
Medication for cold sores should not be taken in the 5 days before or after treatment. 
Essential oils should not be used 48 hours before treatment. 
This new technology delivers a high rate of energy pulses deep into the dermis which are absorbed by the hair follicle. This build-up of energy subsequently destroys the follicle preventing re-growth without damaging the surrounding tissue. In-built cooling adds a further layer of protection against burns providing you with a safe yet highly effective hair removal solution. 
The area to be treated must be shaved prior to treatment (Ideally the day before or on the morning of the treatment). The skin is cleaned and you will be given protective eyewear to wear. 
A gel is applied to the treatment area for the machine to glide across without damaging the top layer of skin. During the treatment different energy levels are applied accordingly.  
Your therapist will regularly check your sensation levels to ensure a comfortable and pain-free procedure. The gel is then cleaned from the skin after which you will be able to resume your normal activities within 24 hours.  
SHR is a painless method of hair removal. Compared to other forms of laser treatment, SHR uses a lower energy method to destroy the hair follicle. This is much more gentle on the skin meaning the most you will feel is a warm tingling sensation 
Some redness may occur on the skin after the treatment, but this should not last longer than 24 hours* 
You should avoid direct sun light and heat treatments for 24 hours after having the treatment; it is recommended you wear SPF on areas that cannot be covered 
It's unlikely to happen but if any redness does occur, aloe vera lotion can be used to help soothe the skin 
Deodorant and perfume should be avoided for 1-2 days following treatment 
Skin lotions or creams that contain Retinoic Acid (Retina A), AHA, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid should be avoided for 3-5 days following treatment 
Avoid hot baths, jacuzzies, hot tubs, and massage for 3-5 days 
The number of treatments required for full hair removal changes from person to person depending on your skin tone and hair type but typically it takes 6-8 treatments. Your hair grows in 3 stages. Laser hair removal treatments will only work in the stage where the hair is actively growing. By having multiple sessions spread out over time, the chances of permanent hair removal in the target area is greatly increased. 
Book an appointment that is quick and convenient in Colchester with hassle free parking. 
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